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Room 9: Start Looking For Your Orange


Room 9:  Start Looking For Your Orange
The Buddha Says Think Orange 

Actually, the Buddha said, “What we think about, we become,” or to paraphrase, what we look for, we’ll find. That’s why you don’t often hear highly evolved individuals talking about about what’s missing in their lives. They talk about what they already have, or at least, what they want.  

You can call that living “as if,” the law of attraction, or the power of intention, but, by any name, it’s no secret. It all demonstrates the same universal premise: what we think about manifests in our life. It works for inner peace as much as it does for chocolate cake. 

And while we could talk all day about how to manifest what we want into our life, none of it means a thing if we don’t believe it works. We need to prove to ourselves that what we put our attention on will show up in our life as sure as the taxman in April. 

Faith is fine, but proof is better. And contrary to what we’re led to believe, we can have both. Faith is a beautiful room, but it’s still one room. Proof, on the other hand, forces us to go out into the world and find our own answers. Proof asks us to become aware.  

Now, we could start by attracting a little love into our life, or a new career, good health, inner peace, maybe even rippled abs and a bucket load of money.  And while those are all fine and good, I think we’ll start with the color orange. 

Dream high is what I say. 

Room 9: Start Looking For Your Orange

You’ll begin by cutting out as many photos of the color orange as you can. Make photocopies, then put the photos around the house. Put one on the fridge, one in your freezer, on your rear view mirror, on the ceiling of the shower, the back of the toilet, the foot of your bed. I mean put that color orange everywhere. But, don’t stop there. Now, buy an orange pen, get yourself a goldfish, eat Doritos, wear an orange scarf, get an Irish-Setter. Use your imagination and surround yourself with as much orange as you can find. Put the image in your mind and don’t let go. 

And while you’re at it, you could chant “orange” out loud while you’re driving in the car, sing it while you’re doing the dishes, talk about it to your family and friends. Yes, everyone will think you’re odd. But, such is the price we all pay for the promise of a little orange in our life.

Now, when the day is over, go to bed thinking about orange, then wake up and start thinking about it all over again. Do this for at least 2 or 3 days. And don’t phone it in. Really do it.    

What’s going to happen? 

Well, if Ralph Waldo Emerson was right and “a person is what he or she thinks about all day long,” then your skin will pigment to a nice shade of pumpkin. Okay, maybe not.  But, mark my orange colored words, orange will start showing up in your life. 

I did it…and in two days time, I was bathing in carrots and pumpkins, tangerines and sweet potato’s, carnelian stones, exotic tulips, fiery orange sunsets, ladybugs and butterfly’s. I found orange on the tail lights of cars, the erasers on pencils, on construction cones, roof tiles, book covers and cereal boxes. Even my dreams had orange in it. It got to the point where I was seeing orange in everything. 

Now, you could say I was seeing what I wanted to see. But, that’s exactly the point.  As William Blake said, “Change the way you look at something and the things you look at will change.” And because of it, orange was finding me.

This is the power of focus, coupled with imagination that has the potential to change lives. We see what we train ourselves to see and, in doing so, we can begin to see the subtleties that exist within something. I found most everything had shades of orange in it—red, yellow, green, even blue. It’s all a matter of what we want to see.   

Of course, something isn’t attracted to us just because we say we want to have something in our life. It is attracted to us because we match up our energy, intentions and actions with what we want. It is attracted to us because we actively look for it, imagine it and, most importantly, find different ways to see it. 

In fact, it is in finding different ways to see orange where the real magic exists.

See for yourself how many ways you can see orange, then when you’re done, see how many ways can you find peace, joy, love, and opportunity. The more ways you can see something, the easier it will be to find it. 

Just remember: what we want isn’t always wrapped up in the package we expected.

Ultimately, you’ll never believe how much orange there is in the world until you start looking.  So, go ahead…prove to yourself it works. 

Start looking for your orange, or whatever it is you want to appear in your life. 


Reader Comments (3)

Beautiful words (I especially love the way you end this post) and beautiful pictures — I'm guessing, taken by your wife. If so, please tell her they are breathtaking!

~ Leslie

June 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLeslie Green

Actually, they're my daughter's photos. She'll be very excited to hear she has a fan! Thanks.

June 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBill Apablasa

Please tell your daughter Tess she has a fan for sure (and I'm not even crazy about photography, I just love pure beauty when I see it — and her GIFT is pure beauty).

~ Leslie

July 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLeslie Green

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