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Rooms 129-132: Wear Bold Pants

Rooms 129-132: Wear Bold Pants
Reinvent Your Inner Closet

“Freedom lies in being bold.”
Robert Frost

I have worked out of my house for the last 16 years and I have the wardrobe to prove it, which is mostly an unmatched combination of sweats, shorts, white t-shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, jeans, and khaki’s, a style that completely revolves around comfort and the quantity of ice cream I had the night before. 

Let’s just say, I’m the reason makeover ambushes were invented. 

And I make no apologies for that. 

Like most people, I wear clothes that suit my life and personality. That’s the way it should work.  

But, deep down, I know I’m lazy. Complacent. Cautious. And when it comes to clothes, I don’t like change. I especially don’t like bold and flashy statements, which is why I have stayed in khaki’s most of my life. Khaki’s are neutral, safe and wrinkle-free. 

Of course, they also keep you in the same closet.

I suspect we all have our own version of khaki’s. That one piece of clothing we never get out of, a color we always wear, a style we never escape. Whether it’s overalls or sweaters with dogs on them, stiletto’s or Birkenstocks, we all have our bit of magic that makes us feel good when we wear it. And, of course, we never want to lose that individuality.  


If we want to get out of the one room we’ve been living in, we also need to go to the back of the closet once in awhile, maybe even look for another closet. More than that, we need to resist the temptation to cry “that’s not me” at the first site of something different in our lives.  

And what better way to start than with a bold pair of pants. 

And before you roll your eyes and say what kind of absurd room this is, let’s remember our Ralph Waldo Emerson motto. “All life is an experiment. The more experiments the better.” 

And if we can experiment with silence, oatmeal, estrogen, mirrors and shampoo, why not the pants we wear? And, besides, we all know this isn’t about pants, it’s about whether we’ll play it khaki-safe or go lime-bold. It’s about how we will choose to live our lives. 

It’s time to step into our crazy bold pants and make something out of our lives. 

Rooms 129-132: Wear Bold Pants
Reinvent Your Inner Closet

The game plan this week is simple: wear any pair of bold pants you can find. The wilder the better. 

Piano pants work, as well as leprechaun pants, pirate pants, rainbow pants or almost any golf pants.  For the record, I have my eyes on a pair of Rastafarian pants in a local thrift store. Of course, if you get desperate, or feel particularly self-conscious, go ahead and choose any piece of clothing that is bold. Anything that makes the wallflower in you cringe. 

And for those of you who already wear loud pants, choose anything that is drastically out of your comfort zone. 

And remember, the idea is to wear your pants out of the house, and not just to the mailbox. Maybe you won’t wear them to work, but you can certainly wear them out for coffee or a long walk. 

And don’t just wear the pants, wear them with attitude. That’s the key to this experiment. The last thing we want to do is put our pants on, then walk around embarrassed and having to explain ourselves. We don’t owe an explanation to anyone. 

Embrace the spirit of the pants. Own the experience. I know it won’t be easy at first, but we need to try. Our lives depend on it. More accurately, the quality of our lives depend on it.

In fact, let me tell you exactly what our bold pants will do for us.  

1. Our bold pants will remind us that it’s impossible to reinvent our lives if we don’t learn to see ourselves differently.
If we want change, we have to refuse to define ourselves in only one way. How often do we say, “that’s not me” or “I could never.” I don’t know about you, but I do it all the time. 

But, at some point in our lives we have to change this thinking. 

Why not me?  Or you?

And I’ll tell you this, we won’t be able to answer this question unless we start experimenting in various areas of our lives. We need to try out different ways of thinking, eating, working, being. And why not start with a pair of bold pants, and a willingness to look at ourselves differently? 

2. Our bold pants will teach us not to worry about what others think.
I think it’s obvious that we’ll never start to see ourselves differently if we’re always worrying about what others think. Fortunately, there’s nothing like a Rastafarian pair of pants and a parent-teacher conference to help us overcome that affliction. 

Any way you look at it, it’s hard to step out and be different if we’re always thinking someone’s going to look at us funny, or if we’re worried about being judged, or talked about and ridiculed. 

Unfortunately, judgmental people have a special place for those who are different…and even more for those who suddenly change and become different before their eyes. It’s easier to live an ordinary, common life when everyone else is living the same life. 

It’s not just misery that loves company. It’s complacency as well.  

But, we must pull up our bold pants and resist this with every fiber of our being.

Even when someone gives you the roll of the eyes or the shake the head. Even when they tell you “you’re not who I thought you were…you’re different…who are you?” 

We must resist the tendency to cringe, apologize, and argue that we haven’t changed. We must resist the temptation to retreat back into old ways, only so that others can understand and approve of us. 

The bottom line is that we are different. We have changed. And, we’ve got the bold pants to prove it. And if someone doesn’t want to be around us because of our pants, or any bold change we make in our life, that’s their business. We wish them well. But, we will not be stopped.

Part of being conscious is owning our consciousness with no apologies. It means not allowing someone else’s shit to become our own. In other words, don’t let anyone try to talk you into going back into the house to change your clothes. 

It’s time to step out of the house and be who we are, proud of what we’re wearing, whatever that may be.   

3. Our bold pants will help us to not take ourselves too seriously.
Here’s the greatest challenge to this week’s room. We don’t always feel like wearing bold pants. Or being different. It’s hard to wear piano pants when you don’t know where your mortgage is coming from, or you’re chronically ill, or feel trapped in a relationship you don’t want to be in. Or you’re just too busy, tired, or distracted. 

I get it. Life doesn’t always make us want to be bold. Or expressive. Or joyous. But, sometimes, this is when we need to wear our crazy bold pants the most. It’s when we need to defy logic.

The time for boldness in life isn’t just when we’re feeling strong and on top of the world. The time for boldness is when we’re timid, scared, or uncertain. The time for boldness is when we’re spinning our wheels, caught in a rut, and tired of the same old-same old. 

This is when life gives us a choice. Stay where we are, or dig deep and become who we really are—a bold spirit capable of anything.  

But, be kind to yourself. If you’re not in the mood for bold pants, then dial it down a notch. Wear a goldfish tie or a sparkling pair of Batman underwear. Anything that makes you feel different, light, and courageous. 

And while it may sound like a purely symbolic gesture, it’s also a clear and powerful message you’re sending to yourself. You may not be where you want to be, but you’re not about to give in and surrender. You’re still in the game and ready to attack life the way it was meant to be attacked—with boldness and purpose.

4. Our bold pants remind us to make a statement with our life.
Our bold pants remind us that we’re given a life here on earth and it’s our job to make a statement with it. To do this we can’t be afraid to put ourselves in a spotlight others might not want to see. And we do this with more than the pants we’re wearing, but the attitude we choose to clothe ourselves in.  

Our goal this week is to not only wear our crazy bold pants as much as we can, but to use them as a reminder to be as bold in as many different aspects of our life as we can. 

And that doesn’t mean we need to quit our job, start our own business, move across the country, or start diving out of airplanes. 

It means we can’t be afraid to stand up and be noticed. To challenge ourselves. Follow our dreams. Live our passions. 

To be different.

To be honest.

To be true to ourselves and our calling. 

So, go ahead. Step out in your crazy bold pants. 

It’s time to reinvent your life.  


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